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Brief’s channels are a customised collection of content created by users themselves, based on topics of interest to them.

Brief provides tools for reporting and removing inappropriate or illegal content, as well as taking preventive measures to prevent the publication of such content.

We have provided a system for users themselves to report inappropriate content and content review processes to ensure that content is appropriate and does not violate Stores guidelines.

Users can report inappropriate content through the “Report Abuse” action on the published content.

The community can also flag and filter all of a non-virtuous user’s content through the “Block User” action found on published channels or the user’s profile.

The reported content or user will be reviewed by the Brief team and no longer visible to the reporting user.

The team will moderate such contents within 24 hours of the report.

Briefs can be generated directly from the application using a link or text. The system automatically generates a summary that can be reviewed before publication. Once the underlying text of the brief has been defined, you can select your preferred narrator from those available for the selected language and add background music.

In addition to your biographical information, your personal profile gives you access to the channels you follow, a list of all the briefs you have added to your Favourites list, and the channel section you have created.

Audio created with Brief can be easily shared on social networks, email, messages and more.

To register, you must use your email address and accept the general terms and conditions. Once registered, you can select your interests and explore the public channels suggested on your personalised homepage.

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